In modern society, we have grown accustomed to having hot water whenever we need it, and most of the time, anything less isn’t good enough. When you start having issues with your water heater, the hot water supply may become sporadic or even non-existent. You want any service disruptions to be as brief as possible, so having a reputable plumber come in and get your water heater back in working order is crucial.

Do You Need a Bigger Tank?

Sometimes, the issue of running out of hot water is solved by having a bigger tank installed in your home. If your family has gotten bigger since moving in, you may have outgrown the current tank. Builders often place the smallest tank possible during construction to cut costs, so you might start off with a tank that’s too small to meet the needs of your family. A larger tank with greater capacity will enable you to meet all your hot water needs without having to wait for the tank to fill and the water to heat up again.

Signs of a Damaged Water Heater

The experts at Ross Plumbing can replace your current tank, and provide any repairs you need to keep your water heater running efficiently. You might need water heater repairs if your tank leaks around the base, if you experience intermittent hot and cold bursts of water, if you hear strange sounds or smell unusual odors or if the water never gets as hot as you need it. Dirty, rust-colored water is another sign that your water heater is damaged in some way. If you notice any of these signs, contact your local plumber to come in and take a look before you lose your hot water altogether.

Tips for Finding a Reputable Service Provider

If you encounter water heater issues, it’s important to have access to a service provider that doesn’t mess around when it comes to providing you with service. Look for a local plumber with experience fixing and installing water heaters in your area. A local service provider is readily available, and you have a much better chance of hearing both positive and negative feedback if they are part of the community.