Since we spend so much time in the kitchen, sink plumbing issues become common. Clogged drains are usually the main problem, making it difficult to wash dishes, rinse produce and carry on your normal kitchen duties. If you access the reputable technicians at Ross Plumbing, you won’t have to worry about slowing down in the kitchen when your drains become sluggish. 


 Is It Time for New Faucets and Sinks?

Kitchen plumbing fixtures last a long time, and quick repairs often do the job. When those repairs stop doing the job, you may opt for replacing those fixtures. Over time, leaking drains or sinks can result in rotting wood underneath the sink. These can also lead to mold growth and even possible health issues for you and your family. Those new fixtures will also increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your home.

Kitchen Plumbing Safety: Keeping Fingers Out of the Garbage Disposal

It’s common for larger items like bones to get stuck in the garbage disposal. That doesn’t warrant a DIY repair attempt. Even if you shut off the power to the disposal, the blades are sharp and can cause injury. Also, if you aren’t experienced in garbage disposal repair, you risk causing costly damage to the unit. When sharp blades powered by electricity are part of your plumbing system, leave repairs to professionals. Suffering a serious cut, even losing a finger, isn’t worth the trouble.

Leesburg Kitchen Plumbing Service Tips: Drain Clog Prevention

Usually, clogged kitchen drains result from homeowners allowing food particles, paper towels, cooking grease, and other items go down the drain. By inserting inexpensive mesh screens over your drains and modifying your kitchen habits, you can prevent most clogged drains. Having a garbage disposal professionally installed is another way to keep your kitchen drains clear. 


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