A cracked pipe is one plumbing emergency dreaded by every homeowner. Just the name creates images of water gushing into your living space, ruining precious heirlooms and damaging the structure of your home. Ruptured pipes aren’t always that dramatic, but they can create a huge, costly mess if they aren’t dealt with swiftly. At Ross Plumbing, we have 35 years experience dealing with ruptured pipes in the Leesburg, FL area. Give us a call at the first sign of trouble. 

The Best Plumber in Lady Lake’s Advice: Common Reasons for Needing Ruptured Pipe Repair Services

Pipes in Florida don’t typically rupture from cold temperatures as they do elsewhere. Rather than winter weather issues, pipes here rupture from normal wear and tear. As pipes get older, the pressure from continuously flowing water can weaken the structure pipes leaving them vulnerable. The power of severe thunderstorms or hurricanes can also wreak havoc on your plumbing system. In our area, with year-round warm weather, tree roots are also a primary culprit. Roots grow toward sources of water. Crowded by tree roots, a pipe with even a pinhole leak becomes compromised and may rupture.

The Plumbers in Wildwood’s Tips: Prevent Damage

If you end up with a cracked pipe despite your best efforts, focus first on minimizing the damage. If you can, find the main water shut-off valve for the property. Close it to stop the flow of water. Calling your plumber is the next step. Be sure to explain exactly what happened and follow any advice you receive while your technician is on the way.

The Proactive Approach

If you are planting any new trees and bushes on your property, it’s wise to figure out where your underground pipes are and plant a safe distance away. Scheduling routine inspections every couple of years is another way you can stay on top of the health of your pipes and avoid trouble. Having an expert come in to give your system the once over will alert you to any issues. Have a number handy if a plumbing emergency does occur.

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