Keeping your household water clean and contaminant-free is a priority for any homeowner, but it’s something that’s not always possible without help. Most of the time, water impurities in your home aren’t dangerous, but if you want ultimate peace of mind, having a professional water filtration system installed is the way to go.

Clean Water from Every Faucet

If you are adamant about having clean, contaminant-free water flow from every faucet in your Leesburg, FL home, then a whole-house water filtration system is the best way to go. Point of use filtration works well for the one faucet it’s been installed in, but you still won’t get clean water from the other faucets in your home. You can also ditch the bottled water when you have a whole-house system installed, saving money over the long-term and being more environmentally conscious. For most families, the convenience factor alone is enough to have an efficient system installed in their home. Not having to give the matter of clean water a second thought is appealing on many levels.

Different Household Options

Effective household water filtration can be accomplished a few different ways. Reverse osmosis is one of the more common methods, which consists of the water flowing through a semi-permeable membrane to provide the filtration. Carbon-based filtration is another common choice for filtering out impurities, and a water softening system will remove minerals like calcium and magnesium, and the effects of hard water. Once your household water is tested by a technician from Ross Plumbing, he will go over the possibilities with you, and suggest the most efficient filtration system based on your needs, budget and other factors.

Typical Water Contaminants

The type and number of contaminants in your household water will vary depending on where you live and other variables. Most of the impurities found in standard household water won’t cause any serious health issues, but they can affect the taste, color or texture of the water. Some of the contaminants you may expect include iron, tannins, chlorine, sulfur, viruses and bacteria. Dangerous elements like arsenic may also be present, which is why having a full evaluation and getting a whole-house water filtration systems professionally installed is so important.



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