Plumbing emergencies take many different forms and can happen any time. The only way to prepare is to have a solid plan of action. Scrambling around looking for the right plumber wastes your time. Finding your plumber ahead of time keeps you ready for any plumbing emergency.

How to Tell If it’s Really an Emergency

If your problem has the potential to cause serious property damage or injury if not addressed swiftly, it’s an emergency. Many homeowners, unsure if they face a true plumbing emergency, wait too long to call a plumber. If water isn’t gushing into your living space, putting off repairs may be tempting. Serious problems require immediate attention to limit or prevent physical damage to your home.

Serious Plumbing Risks

The longer you wait to call for help during a plumbing emergency, the greater the likelihood of property damage, even health risks. A saturated carpet in your living space might not seem like an emergency, but it could signify a slab leak or numerous other problems already causing damage for days or weeks. Excess moisture creates the potential for mold growth and respiratory problems for anyone living in your home. We can take the appropriate action.

Important Steps to Take with Emergency Plumbing

For plumbing emergencies in the Leesburg, FL area, one quick call to Ross Plumbing will get you closer to fixing your problem the right way. If water is leaking into your home or business, shut off the main water valve to stop water causing further damage.