Whether simply for aesthetic reasons, because of water damage or for some other reason, getting new bathroom fixtures and furnishings is an exciting time for a homeowner. Your bathroom should be a place to unwind, to be yourself without a care in the world. Creating a bathroom with all of the features and accessories you want will add value to your home, even enhancing your quality of life. Choosing the right team to install your new faucets, sinks, tubs and other furnishings is critical.  

Bathroom Furnishings in The Villages: Starting Ground Up

Every great bathroom renovation begins with the plumbing. Without a solid foundation of pipes underneath your new appliances and fixtures, your bathroom won’t function correctly. Even worse, faulty plumbing could lead to water damage, mold and other issues that cause expense and prevent the full enjoyment of your new space. At Ross Plumbing, we have the experience and the personnel to create the ideal plumbing framework for your bathroom renovation. We will work with your design team to bring your vision to life.

Choosing Your New Bathroom Fixtures

Showers, tubs, and toilets all add character to a bathroom. That character can turn to disaster if they aren’t installed correctly. Most of the time, these fixtures last for quite a number of years. When making your decision, be sure to consult with your plumbing technician to ensure you’re making making choices your plumbing system supports,  that those choices are within your budget and they give your bathroom the new look you want. Consulting with skilled professionals, like ours at Ross Plumbing, before the heavy lifting begins will get you the bathroom suited to your home’s design, your budget and your tastes. In the Villages bathroom fixtures & furnishings are available and affordable!

Sinks, Faucets & Bathroom Furnishings Add a Finishing Touch

Sinks and faucets are a focal point for most bathrooms. Being so important and used so often, they should be installed by professionals. The last thing anyone wants after a bathroom renovation is leaky faucets or water damage under the sink that could have been prevented. It’s not unusual for homeowners to try the DIY approach for sinks and faucets, but it rarely works as well as a professional plumber with the knack to put your fittings in the right way the first time.  Trust your finishing touches to the pros and you’ll have a bathroom that makes you proud.



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