Whether to DIY or Get Emergency Plumbing Services

Whether you own a home or commercial building, you are likely to need emergency plumbing services. Implementing a few DIY tips fixes several problems, but you’ll want a solid, professional Leesburg, FL plumber ready to tackle all the rest. Here are a few plumbing tips to help you decide whether you want to go DIY or call your plumber to fix everything instead.

Shut Off the Water

The first, most obvious thing is to shut off the water. This will reduce water damage to your home or commercial property. Reducing damage first always saves money, effort and energy. After you have shut off the water, assess the damage and the problem. With little or no damage from a minor problem, you may prefer to DIY. Severe problems require an experienced plumber offering emergency service. There are several kinds of problems where your plumber of choice will be most helpful. Here are a few.

Malfunctioning Sink Pipes

Fixing faulty pipes may seem simple but is the job of a professional. A plumber with experience taking pipes apart and reassembling them, diagnosing and fixing every problem along the way, is just what you want for this job. Often, pipes are closely placed to other plumbing components. Your chosen plumber will have experience working in those conditions and knows how not to cause further damage doing it.

Clogged Drains

Even though it is possible to unclog drains by using readily available chemicals, it is not a good idea. Many chemicals make situations worse causing more problems and making for more costly repairs. Plumbers’ drain cleaners have caustic, toxic chemicals. These chemicals are a danger to children and pets.

Lack of Hot Water

Make sure your water heater’s thermostat is set right (about 110-115 F). If your thermostat is set right, the problem could be any number of things. These include worn-out elements, faulty thermostats, bad gas valves, bad burner assemblies or any of several other faults.

Always contact a plumber for help with your hot water problems. The job can be risky and replacing your water heater can be very expensive.

Low Water Pressure

A buildup of gunk in a faucet’s aerator often causes low water pressure. You can easily fix that by unscrewing the aerator and cleaning out that gunk.

However, the cause of the problem may be a lot more complex than that. It is often impossible to fix the problem of low water pressure by simply cleaning the aerator. Other causes of the problem include an eroded water line or a fractured pipe. These are issues that have to be addressed by a Leesburg, FL plumber.

Broken Toilets

Plumber-Working-200x300 Whether to DIY or Get Emergency Plumbing ServicesFixing a broken toilet comes with plenty of risks. Clogged or ruptured pipes are just two common toilet problems, and they are best solved by someone with training and wide experience. Your plumber understands the nature of the work, the causes, the solutions and the tools used to fix it all. Even something that looks simple, a clogged toilet or toilet seal replacement, for instance, sometimes requires the skills and understanding of a professional plumber.

Leaky Taps

If your taps run after you shut off your water, the culprit is usually a bad washer. Even that is not as simple as it sounds. Most modern faucets are designed in a way that obscures both the washer and access to it. Fixing that without just the right technique may damage even high-end fixtures.

Gas Line Plumbing

This is the most dangerous plumbing job. It demands the services of a professional plumber who will fit lines with accuracy and who understands all the pressure calculations and necessary precautions.

Do It Yourself Plumbing

There are still several instances where DIY is entirely appropriate.

  • No electrical risks are involved
  • The problem is simple, and the solution is obvious
  • You have enough time to research plumbing issues and solutions
  • You have knowledge and experience in emergency plumbing services
  • You understand the safety concerns involved in your plumbing project

Even though DIY projects can help you save money and time, they are best when you know your own capabilities. Most emergency plumbing services and problems should be addressed by a plumber. Professionals have the right tools and techniques for the job. If you don’t know what you are doing, you may make the problem worse and spend more money than necessary in fixing it.

Common Plumbing Problems That You Can Fix at Home

Running Toilet

The most common cause of this common problem is a faulty flapper and chain. That’s easily fixed with a new one, and they have instructions on the back. There are various other reasons your toilet may be running. If you can’t identify the problem after that, it may best be left to a professional.

Faucets-225x300 Whether to DIY or Get Emergency Plumbing ServicesSlow Draining Sinks

If your sink is draining slower than it should, it may be due to a buildup of debris. The pop-up that stops up your sink can collect dust and debris. If you remove it and clean it, you may fix the problem. Unscrew the pop-up from the sink, clean it and reinstall it.

Slow Draining Tub

You can fix a slow draining tub without the help of a plumber. Your tub may drain slowly if there is a buildup of hair or debris. Remove your tub stopper, clean up and take the debris out. To avoid the problem, clear out debris from your tub regularly and clean it. Do not wait until there is a problem.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

Small items may get jammed in your garbage disposal. Fortunately, it is a problem that you can fix without the help of a plumber. Turn off the power and use an Allen wrench to turn the disposal blades. Insert your Allen wrench to the bottom of your unit and the items will be freed. Remove them and your problem will be solved.

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