Mt. Dora Plumbing Repair: When to Call a Professional

The internet is awash with DIY plumbing repair tips and tricks. Before you get under that sink in an attempt to save money, however, remember that you might do more harm than good. Most plumbing repairs need the hands of a professional. At Ross Plumbing, we provide affordable and nonpareil Mt. Dora plumbing repair services. There is no reason to misappropriate your DIY skills.

Plumbing Repair Jobs that You Can Handle by Yourself

It’s beneficial to understand the basic plumbing fixes like clearing clogs from a sink, shutting the main valve, and installing a new showerhead. These DIY skills could save you in times of emergencies.

Shut off the main valve

Shut-Off-Valve When to Call a Professional for Mt Dora Plumbing RepairThe main valve is the primary water supply entrance point to your home. If you have a leaking pipe or a drippy faucet, the wisest decision should be to shut off the water supply as you wait for a professional to come and investigate the problem. This simple action will prevent severe water damage in your home and save you high costs.

Unclog a drain

The kitchen drain acts up so many times that you might find it unreasonable to call a plumber every time they clog. Simple DIY tricks like flushing the drain with hot water can help. If that doesn’t work, you will have to put your household plunger to work. But don’t be tempted to use chemical drainers—they will corrode your fixtures and throw other problems your way.

Fix a running toilet

Your running toilet problem stems from a faulty stop valve.  This is the big bulb in the toilet tank that should help to stop the flow of water into the tank when it’s full. You can fix a running toilet by replacing the stop valve. First, you will need to shut off the water supply to the toilet tank and then flush the toilet to drain most of the water before you start this repair job.

Replacing a showerhead

Replacing a showerhead is another of those simple plumbing repair tasks that you could handle by yourself. You only need a pair of pliers to unlock the old showerhead, clean and tape the threads of the shower arm and then fix the new showerhead.

Plumbing Repair Jobs That You Should Leave to Professionals

Other than the above easy plumbing repair fixes, leave complex tasks to the professionals. There is a lot that goes into plumbing fixtures. Guessing around could cost you more.

Our professional plumbers know how to maintain the delicate balance between water pressure and gravity. They understand plumbing blueprints and building codes and can make accurate measurements. The result will be an incident-free plumbing repair.

Damaged water heater

Water-Heater-Installation-Repair-Leesburg-FL-300x157 When to Call a Professional for Mt Dora Plumbing RepairLack of hot water is not something that anyone should put up with in Mt. Dora. Water heaters are complex installations, so don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself. The problem could be a poorly calibrated thermostat, tank corrosion, low water pressure, or a leaking tank. Our trained technicians will assess the situation and determine the best remediation course.

Clogged toilet

You can unclog a clogged kitchen sink but leave the toilet to us. The reason for your blocked toilet could be obstructions from a strand of hair to the garbage that you flushed down the toilet in the morning. However, clogged toilets could also be as a result of underlying improper plumbing.  We will help you deal with clogged toilets once and for all.

Gas line repair

Don’t handle a gas leak repair, no matter how skilled you are at DIY. Call us immediately when you detect the tell-tale rotten egg smell. Don’t turn on or off any bulb switches or light matches in the house.  Leaking gas pipes are a fire hazard. Get out of the house. We will come to you fast and safely repair the issue.

Bathroom remodel

Faulty plumbing during a DIY bathroom remodel could set you up for a lifetime of mold, water damage, and other plumbing issues. Involve us from the start. We will help lay the right plumbing work from the ground up. We will even help you acquire the best quality bathroom fixtures, including faucets, sinks, toilets, and showers at an affordable price.

Sewer line repair Mt. Dora

You will know when you need sewer line repair by the constant smell of sewage inside your home. In severe cases, waste starts to back up through your drains. The longer you wait to fix the issue, the worse it becomes.

Sewer line repair is a big job and is fraught with health risks. Only expert plumbing professionals can fix and reduce the health risk to you and your family members. Don’t hesitate, call Ross Plumbing immediately and we will fix the mess for you.

Other professional plumbing repair services we offer in Mt. Dora include:

  • Repiping
  • Water leak detection
  • Slab leak repair
  • Burst pipe repair
  • Water filtration systems repair

Why Ross Plumbing is Your Best Bet for Quality Plumbing Repair in Mt Dora

We perform a detailed diagnosis of the issue

Some plumbers like to apply quick fixes to your plumbing problems. All these quick fixes do is mask the ‘symptoms’ of your plumbing problems. What you need instead is a plumber who can understand your plumbing networks and find the hidden causes of the plumbing issues.

That’s what we do as Ross Plumbing. We identify the real problems behind the plumbing troubles you see on the surface. We then provide permanent solutions to these problems.

We have the tools and expertise

There is no plumbing repair without the right tools. We can do all kinds of plumbing repairs, including the tough jobs that our competitors are afraid to handle because we are rightly equipped and trained.

Licensed, insured and bonded

Heating-AC-Repair-Installation-300x157 When to Call a Professional for Mt Dora Plumbing RepairAll our Mt. Dora plumbing repair technicians have the Florida plumbing licenses. They have met the state’s educational and training requirements for plumbing. We also carry out continuous education and retraining for our professionals on plumbing trends and technologies.

We provide insured plumbing repair services. That means that you are guaranteed compensation in the event of injuries or unforeseen damages during the repair job. On the other hand, the bond will cover for the contractual obligations that we may fail to meet.

We are family-owned, and that means integrity and affordability for you

You can expect a seamless experience working with Ross Plumbing. Our repair jobs are the most meticulous. Our plumbers operate on a strong code of ethics, and that includes excellent delivery of services, job safety, and honesty when meeting contractual obligations.

Being a family-owned business, we manage to keep our overhead costs low. That translates to discounted plumbing repair rates for your home or business in Mt. Dora. We have been serving this and the surrounding areas for close to 4 decades now. We, therefore, regard all our clients like family, and we give our 100 %.

You Can Rely on Us for Emergency Plumbing

Why call an out of town plumber? You can call us any time of day, and we will get to you in less than an hour.  Our emergency plumbing response could help you save costs and safeguard your family and possessions.

Whether the plumbing issues arise in the middle of the night, Sunday afternoon, or on holiday, call Ross Plumbing. We will dispatch our A team of plumbers to your place at the drop of a hat.

Tell us your plumbing troubles. Call us at (352) 728-­6053.