Welcome to Those New to the Area, from Your Local Plumbers!

Customer-Service-300x225 Welcome to Those New to the AreaIf you’re new to the area, we’re excited for you. The Lake, Sumter County area offers a lot, especially to newcomers. As you set about turning your new house into a home, you’ll also have as much fun exploring your new surroundings.

In between figuring out where to put the credenza and your favorite chair and discovering your new favorite restaurant, you’ll be busy. Most of that being busy is going to be a lot of fun. Some of that busyness is going to be much more routine. You’ll also look for and find various professional services and the skilled hands people need to keep their lives humming.

Finding a doctor or lawyer, figuring out where to bank, can be a modest trial in a new community. Finding services, a reliable mechanic, contractor or, say, local plumber, can be harder. After all, there are fewer of those than there are doctors, lawyers, or banks.

Your new neighbors and fellow diners at the new favorite restaurant will have a lot of good recommendations. On the off chance they haven’t already recommended a good local plumbing service, we know some who are truly gifted.

If you choose to look at our Google Reviews, you’ll see the standard we, along with all our plumbing service techs, live up to. You’ll also see a few more things about us and how we do business. We have a broad service area covering Lake and Sumter Counties and southern Marion County. That’s from Ocklawaha and Summerfield in the north, through The Villages and Leesburg, on to Groveland and Tavares in the south. Our plumbing repair, survey, and installation services range from Mount Dora in the east, past Wildwood, and to Bushnell in the west.

Covering such a broad range of people, houses, and communities throughout the region has given us a few advantages. We know the wide variety of construction throughout the region as well as the variety of people’s needs and preferences. Simply, we know how to accommodate best what people want to install in the context of how their house was built. We’ve seen many plumbing issues, installed various plumbing fixtures, and repaired everything that can happen with plumbing here in Central Florida.

In reading through our reviews or perhaps in looking at our Facebook page, you may have also seen some of the more unique jobs we’ve completed. Some of our bathroom remodeling projects have included installing vintage pieces, like oversized clawfoot tubs and porcelain sinks in the bathroom, and even modernizing kitchens and installing devices to increase and improve both water quality and energy efficiency.

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What Can You Count On Us For?

businesscard-1-258x300 Welcome to Those New to the AreaSome of the special concerns of new residents we speak with and work for include:

Water heaters with higher capacity or greater energy efficiency.

Tankless water heaters, that also improve energy efficiency.

Garbage disposals, which are a great way to customize your kitchen and make it more efficient.

Gas line installation and replacement. Lots of people don’t realize that this is part of the plumber’s skill set.

Bathroom plumbing, especially for that custom tub, shower, or water closet you would like to install.

Emergency plumbing – if it’s after 5:00 pm, on a weekend or a holiday and there is a risk to people or property, call (352) 267-3505.


And you can see a whole list of plumbing services, that you should have a right to expect from your first choice plumber, here.

If you do business with Ross Plumbing, you’ll also see that maintaining relationships is one of our priorities. We’ve been here a long time, nearly 40 years, which is long enough to be invested in our communities. Satisfied customers who can call on reliable tradesmen are a small part of tightly knit communities. Everybody wins.

If that is enough to convince you that our plumbing technicians can cater to your needs as a new resident of our area, call on us to remodel, repair, or improve your plumbing system to your specifications. We’re ready for your call and for your unique concerns. We’ll remain your local plumber of choice for a long time to come.


Welcome to the Neighborhood!