Water Softener Installation Near Me

waterfiltration-300x149 Water Softener Installation Near Me?Water softener installation within roughly a half hour’s drive of Leesburg, including The Villages, Mount Dora, Eustis, Groveland, Ocklawaha, Wildwood, and elsewhere is only a matter of calling us and booking the service. You can see more about water softeners and how they work here.

Some of our customers find they are more interested in a water filtration device than in water softeners. If you are interested in water filtration, getting rid of deposits such as chlorine (especially if you have city water) or other substances in water that make it less desirable for drinking or cooking.

Hard Water Explained

Florida Water is high in minerals, especially lime and calcium. This is not at all hazardous but can create some nuisances. Getting rid of it can bring on lots of benefits. You may have noticed spots on silverware and dishes even after the most robust dishwashing. You may also have noticed laundry feels stiff after drying or that soap suds are never quite as sudsy in the shower at home as they are when you are on vacation. Installing a water softener helps alleviate those problems. Softening your water can also help a healthy sheen to the hair and glow to the skin.

While soft water may help the dishes to sparkle, help to brighten the complexion, or make a soapy shower a more refreshing, cleaner experience, hard water has additional, practical drawbacks. Hard water can bring on limescale buildup in showerheads and even in pipes. This can decrease water pressure and lead to premature wearing out of fixtures.

Water Softener Installation is Straightforward

Water-Filtration-System-Installation-Repair-300x157 Water Softener Installation Near Me?Choosing the model and capacity of water softener that suits your exact needs is, naturally, the first step. Installation is fairly straightforward. It is a matter of a little efficient, skillful repiping. The water softener itself goes in line right after where water pipes first enter the home and right before where those pipes reach the water heater. Our service techs route the incoming cold water to the water softener. From there, your newly softened water goes everywhere in the house. It flows to the water heater to provide soft water for extra soapy showers or to the dishwasher for extra spotless dishes. It flows to the washing machine for softer laundry, whether you wash with hot water or cold. Likewise, it flows everywhere else in the house you want or needs to use water.

Minerals in water are fine if you are having a cold, refreshing glass of spring water on a hot day. Otherwise, investing in a water softener is a step away from some household nuisances and a step towards more luxurious use of water.

Choosing A Water Softener Is No More Difficult Than Choosing Any Other Household Appliance

Just as with refrigerators or ovens, there are several manufacturers of water softeners, each with its own benefits. Also, just as with choosing a refrigerator or oven, the biggest, most notable differences are price and capacity. Manufacturers rate water softener capacity by how many thousands of water softening pellets the softener holds. A couple or a family of three sharing one or two bathrooms will usually find that a 20,000 pellet capacity softener serves them nicely. With more people or more bathrooms, you may decide on a larger, 30,000 pellet capacity, softener. A quick conversation with your estimator will help you find the model, size, and other benefits that best suit your home, family, and expectations.

Water Softener Installation Near Me?

We install water softeners throughout our service area, generally within a half hour’s drive of Leesburg. Calling (352) 728-6053 gets all your water softener questions answered and arranges your estimate or installation.