Water-heater-pressure-relief-valve What Maintenance Should I Do on My Water Heater?Standard, tank-type, water heaters require very little maintenance, and it is quick and easy to do. Not staying current with your water heater maintenance makes the unit less efficient and robs you of the full comfort it should provide.

The most important thing is to find the pressure release valve, which probably looks like this photo.

We recommend toggling this back and forth about once a year to make sure it operates smoothly. If it sticks, a little lubricant can help. If it is frozen in place, it is vital to contact us for service. As water heats, it expands. This simple valve keeps your water heater from building up too much pressure. Unfortunately, if this small part fails, it could conceivably lead to a catastrophic tank rupture or pipe burst, and force you to replace your water heater entirely.

Drain-water-heater-300x225 What Maintenance Should I Do on My Water Heater?Because we have lots of minerals (particularly iron and lime) in central Florida, sediment builds up in the bottom of the tank. This can reduce both the efficiency and the life expectancy of the water heater. We recommend draining a few gallons from the bottom of the tank into a bucket, or by running a hose outside, about every three months. Once the water runs clear, the sediment has largely been purged from the tank.

Together, these two quick and easy steps can help to ensure a long life for your water heater. You can learn all about water heaters here or call us at 352-728-6053.