Yes, though it is very easy. Generally, the biggest issue with garbage disposals is what NOT to put through them. Consult the manual for your disposal, but as a rule, disposing of animal fat or bones is harmful to the disposal, its blades and the pipes connected to them. Other items sure to harm your garbage disposal include:

Kitchen-Plumbing-Services-Leesburg-FL-300x157 Does My Garbage Disposal Require Maintenance?

• Pits
• Shellfish shells
• Coffee grounds
• Pasta
• Uncooked oatmeal
• Nuts
• Onion skins
• Egg shells
• Celery, pumpkins and other fibrous vegetables
• Corn husks
• Potato skins
• Paint
Another helpful but little-known trick is to run ice through the grinder occasionally. The ice actually helps to sharpen the blades as it is chopped up. This can help extend the life of your garbage disposal. You can learn more about kitchen plumbing services here or call us at 352-728-6053.