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For homes that are prone to basement flooding because of poor drainage or high storm frequency, having a quality sump pump installed can make a world of difference. Florida is no stranger to heavy rainstorms, but with a functioning sump pump in your basement, you can move all that extra water away from the house and minimize property damage. Click here to learn what your neighbors in Leesburg, FL think of our services.

Common Types of Sump Pump

The kind of home you live in and its special requirements regarding basement flooding will help determine what type of sump pump you should get. Two types are used in most homes; one is called a submersible pump, and the other is a pedestal pump. As the names suggest, a submersible pump can operate under the water while a pedestal pump is positioned out of the water. The size of the basin or sump pit in your basement is another factor that helps to determine which type of pump is best. Your Ross Plumbing technician will help you decide during the initial visit.

Does My Sump Pump Need Repairs?

The risk of basement flooding is what prompts homeowners to get a sump pump, but a broken pump is no better than having none at all. The pump uses electricity to operate, so any issues with your electric panel could cause the pump not to work. The pump itself can get clogged and congested with leaves and debris during use, so keeping it clean is crucial. Any loud noises during operation or unusual odors should be addressed, as should cycling on and off without warning. The key is to have it in good working order for the next big storm, which could hit at any time.

Regular Maintenance is Key

The best way to ensure your sump pump is ready for action at all times is to have periodic maintenance performed when it seems to be working well. By having a technician look it over and make any minor repairs or adjustments, you will be able to have peace of mind, knowing it won’t fail you when you need it most. If you have a sump pump, schedule maintenance at least once during the year, and your pump will run better and last longer.

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