Mainline Manufacturer

Preferred by the Pros


Mainline made our favorites list due to their ever-growing collection residential grade water closets, lavatories, faucets and other quality items for residential use. Their ever-expanding line of exceptional products  matches perfectly with our ever-growing list of services here at Ross Plumbing.

Shower-1-300x251 Mainline ManufacturerWe are all about going green and appreciate Mainline’s array of green products, such as EPA Watersense certified showers and low VOC cement (free of such compounds as benzene or acetone). Mainline products respect the environment and our valuable water resources.

Through Mainline, we are able to offer and install a wide range of kitchen sink designs, especially their brushed, satin-finish stainless steel sinks that are as beautiful as they are durable. Their range of bathroom sinks are just as attractive, raising every bathroom’s level of elegance. As Leesburg’s best plumbing service, we look for manufacturers like Mainline – manufacturers both you and us can count on for bathroom remodeling projects to provide a lifetime of beauty and value both. We always have your back, because Mainline has ours!





Mainline-300x78 Mainline Manufacturer