Innovation and Craftsmanship Since 1873

Kohler Manufacturer has strived to enhance the quality of life through design, innovation, and craftsmanship since 1873. They believe a better world and better business go hand in hand and as a family-held private company, they have a mission of extending amazing, long-lasting experiences through all aspects of their journey. qtq80-F46PpK-300x220 Kohler Manufacturer

Kohler’s kitchen, bathroom, and lighting designs are what make them premium manufacturers in the eyes of Ross Plumbing. Touchless bathroom and kitchen faucets, bathroom remodeling and design and lighted mirrors and medicine cabinets are just a few of the many reasons we partner with Kohler Manufacturers. With their durable, long-lasting products we are always confident when installing Kohler fixtures in your home.

Here at Ross Plumbing, we handle everything from emergency plumbing to leak detection. Kohler manufacturers just make our job that much easier and ensure us we are always installing a product the customer will love and use for a long time.



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