Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company

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Charlotte Pipe is unique. As one of the oldest, largest manufacturers of plumbing piping in the United States, they offer complete systems of cast iron, ABS, PVC, and CPVC FlowGuard Gold™ pipe and fittings for commercial and residential plumbing systems.

We endorse Charlotte Pipe for several reasons. They have a long, proud history of innovation going back over a century to 1901 when W. Frank Dowd began a foundry for cast iron piping to meet the industrial needs of a rapidly changing industrial American economy. Since then, they were among the first pipe manufacturers with a major plastics division producing not only PVC and CPVC piping but also thermostatic piping for drain, vent, and waste applications. They are also a leader in plastic pipes for chemical waste applications. Every time the economy of the Sunbelt or the nation changed, Charlotte Pipe was handy with a modern, purpose-driven piping solution. We use Charlotte Pipe products knowing they come with a history of service, invention, and meet or exceed applicable ASTM and CISPI standards. They are also American made, including at their extrusion plant in Wildwood, just a few miles away.

At Ross Plumbing, we do a lot of pipe repair and repiping. Having a manufacturer such as Charlotte Pipe and Foundry ensures us we install pipes of the highest quality and efficiency. Knowing Charlotte Pipe designs products to fit together seamlessly and knowing they meet all federal, state and local environmental regulations, means neither you nor we have to worry about the pipes being installed in your home.


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