A.O. Smith Manufacturer

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At Ross Plumbing, we value manufacturers who offer us high efficiency water heaters to install for you. Not many manufacturers match the innovation and expertise of A.O. Smith. Whether for gas, electric or tankless water heaters, the inventive minds of A.O. Smith have always been there for us.

In A.O. Smith’s earliest days (the company began in 1904), they made all sorts of steel products, including frames for many of the first automobiles. By the 1930s, they patented a process for fusing glass to steel and began manufacturing water heaters exclusively. The post-WWII building boom fueled their business as young men recently discharged from the service entered the middle class for the first time and sought the benefits of middle class life, including all the hot water they and their families could use.

We have been proud to recommend A.O. Smith’s products, including residential and commercial boilers, water heaters and storage tanks because they consistently provide users like you with energy-efficient solutions to last for years after installation. We stand behind their innovative technology and their products and look forward to installing them in your home.


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