Local Emergency Plumber in Leesburg, The Villages & Everywhere Nearby
Do you have a plumbing emergency needing immediate attention? Call Ross Plumbing at 352-728-6053 now for emergency plumbing services.
If your emergency is after hours, call (352) 267-3505
We fix emergency and non-emergency plumbing problems throughout Lake, Sumter and southern Marion Counties including Leesburg, Fruitland Park, The Villages, Lady Lake, Wildwood, Tavares and other communities throughout the area.
If the Plumbing Problem Threatens Safety or Property, It’s an Emergency
If your problem has the potential to cause serious property damage or injury if not addressed swiftly, even with the water main turned off, it’s an emergency. Many homeowners, unsure if they face a true plumbing emergency, wait too long to call a plumber. If water isn’t gushing into your living space, putting off repairs may be tempting. Serious problems require immediate attention to limit or prevent physical damage to your home.
Plumbing emergencies take many different forms and can happen any time. The only way to prepare is to have a solid plan of action. Scrambling around looking for the right plumber wastes your time. Finding your plumber ahead of time keeps you ready for any plumbing emergency. Take a look at our reviews page. Discover what others in your area have to say about our range of plumbing services.

Calling Ross Plumbing in an Emergency – All Your Advantages
We have a service tech on call after business hours and on weekends
Each member of our residential service staff (You can meet them all here.) takes a turn with the after hours emergency phone. If you call the after hours number at the top of the page, it goes straight to the on-call service tech. That person will walk you through turning off the water to your house, determining whether that stopped the emergency and whether you are best served by an immediate service call or whether you might be served better by being first on the list for the very next business day.
We’re close by to you
We spend every working day organizing service calls across three counties – serving customers skillfully and efficiently not only in Leesburg and Fruitland Park but also in The Villages, Lady Lake, Wildwood and as far away as Ocklawaha, Eustis, Groveland, Mount Dora and elsewhere throughout the area.
If we can organize all those service calls across such a wide area, we can always get to you quickly after hours.
We’re experienced with emergencies
Our residential service staff contents with a variety of plumbing emergencies, both during the working day and beyond to after hours and weekends. Unsanitary backups in tubs and sinks or overflowing from the toilet are potentially emergency situations. So are ruptured pipes, especially if the problem persists once you turn off the water. When you call for emergency service, whether during business hours or after, we’ll let you know the quickest available time we can tackle your potential emergency. What is certain is that it’s getting fixed the right way. We stand on our emergency experience.
The on-call tech has an on-call truck
If you have to call the on-call tech on the after hours phone, if that tech has to come to you, that tech comes out in a well stocked Ross Plumbing service truck.
All our techs stock their trucks as needed throughout the working day. Our on-call tech goes a step further, not only stocking the truck as thoroughly as possible but also taking that truck home at night. If they have to come to you, they come straight from their homes, with all the supplies needed, to fix your problem.
We don’t charge extra for plumbing emergencies
If you have an emergency, even on the weekend, even after hours, you don’t pay extra. It’s the same time and materials as it would be at any other time for any other cause.
If you are going to use us for your plumbing emergency, we’re grateful you turned to us. We’re not charging you extra just for the time of day or for the urgency. You’ve already had a plumbing problem. You deserve fair, decent treatment on top of it.
Comprehensive assessments of systemic plumbing problems
Fixing the problem is a start, not an end. Making sure to fix the cause of the emergency, making sure there is no foreseeable way the same problem causes you aggravation, is just as important. Our service techs know this. they know to make certain of both fixing the immediate problem but also the underlying problems that caused it, so that your plumbing will leave you in peace.

Important Steps to Take with Emergency Plumbing
For plumbing emergencies in the Leesburg, FL area, one quick call to Ross Plumbing gets you closer to fixing your problem the right way. If water is leaking into your home or business, shut off the main water valve to stop water causing further damage.
If you have a burst pipe, gas line or sewer line leak or another plumbing emergency, call 352-728-6053 any time of day for a solution.