Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

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Kitchen and Bath: Remodeling in two important rooms
The two rooms in your home with the most plumbing may also be the most important. We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We all need every fixture in the bathroom to work. Occasional kitchen and bath remodels help us all to enjoy and appreciate the time we spend in either of those two important rooms.
While you’re choosing tile, and a tiler to install it, while you’re choosing cabinets and a carpenter, you’ll also choose faucets, sinks, tubs or showers and other plumbing fixtures to give your kitchen and bath remodel the most satisfying possible result.
There is no reason why your home, particularly the kitchen and the bath, can’t be as much an extension of your personality and tastes as your furniture, clothing, the books on your shelves or the pictures on your walls.
Whether in the kitchen or the bath, new faucets save water and add value to your home. New sinks change the look of each room. (Don’t forget new towels and tablecloths to match.) New tubs and showers make bathing more luxurious and can enhance accessibility if you require that for yourself or for anyone else in your home. All of these improvements add to your home’s value while improving your own experience of enjoying your home.
Kitchen Remodels Make a New Kitchen Experience
Any kitchen can have more utility, and any kitchen can be more attractive, more reflective of your individual style and your own unique preferences.
New sinks add new appeal and new functionalities. Newer, more shapely, more useful faucets match that sink in both appeal and practicality. In a well designed kitchen, those traits play well together. Talking of practicality, garbage disposals enhance the use of any kitchen. If you cook with gas, don’t forget that gas plumbing is still plumbing and still part of the skilled plumbers skill set. (By the way, you can read more about gas plumbing here.)
If you are looking to renew and to refresh that kitchen, call (352) 728-6053. If you’re looking toward remodeling the bathroom too, keep reading and give us a call.
Bath Remodels and Renovations
If the kitchen can be a happier place to cook, to dine or to talk with loved ones while you let your dinner settle, the bath can be just as refined and just as tasteful.
Whether you’re looking to change a bathroom for aesthetics or practicality, you’ll want a plumber bringing those changes to completion skillfully. There is a lot a person can change about a bathroom, and your plumber will be doing a lot of it.
New faucets, sinks and showerheads can add both an extra layer of elegance and usefulness to any bathroom. (By the way, you can see more about some of our preferred manufacturers of faucets like Kohler and Moen, here and here, about the best sinks available here and about quality showerheads here.)

Choosing the fixtures and elements of your kitchen or bath remodel should be a lot of fun. It should be exciting. Using them for the first time should be just as big a thrill. The part in the middle, watching it all come together to match your aspirations, should be just as big a treat. It is when you know that your tradesmen, particularly your plumbers, are skillful, experienced professionals as ours are at Ross Plumbing.

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