Info About National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

In 1982, the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association declared that October would be National Kitchen and Bathroom Month. It’s an entire month dedicated to education and promotions designed to help homeowners renovate and upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms.

Renovating these important rooms in your home is an excellent way to improve efficiency and add value to your house. This particular month takes place in October because it’s the best time of the year to start a renovation: the kids are back to school and the holiday hustle and bustle haven’t started yet.

National-1 Info About National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

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Best Bathroom Trends for 2016

Trends come and go, but it’s safe to say that the current trends for bathrooms are some of the most technologically advanced and beautiful designs we’ve seen yet. Bathrooms in 2016 are all about simplicity and functionality. Beautiful, architectural lines are combined with state-of-the-art technology that will take your bathroom experience to the next level. Some popular trends include:

  • Trough sinks
  • Heated floors
  • Shower seats
  • Anti-fog mirrors
  • Square or rectangular faucets
  • Open concept shelving and vanities
  • Stand-alone tubs
  • High-efficiency dual-flush toilets

A Shower or Tub, Which to Choose?

Do you prefer showers or baths? That’s the first question you should ask yourself while planning a bathroom renovation. Current trends are separating the tub from the shower into two unique areas. Gone are the combined built-in tub/shower combos. If your bathroom only has space to accommodate one or the other, you must consider which will get more use, a shower or a tub. Ways around this decision include splitting your tub and shower between multiple bathrooms in your home to get the best of both worlds.

How to Avoid Trends that Won’t Last

If you lived through shag carpeting in the bathroom or avocado-colored kitchen appliances, you’d know that many trends were not designed to last. In fact, looking back through kitchens and bathrooms, it’s clear that most trends were not made to last. The best way to avoid making a mistake and investing in a trend with a short expiry date is to consider your personal needs before jumping on board with a popular item. If something is trendy but doesn’t work with your particular needs, don’t invest in it. That way, your kitchen or bathroom renovation will remain functional while still looking beautiful.

Top Kitchen Trends of 2016

Much like the bathrooms, kitchen trends are moving towards more technologically advanced items as well. Other trends include incorporating traditional aspects of design with a new twist. For example, cast iron apron sinks are making a comeback, but in 2016, why not try one in a bold color? Other trends include:

  • Commercial appliances such as fridges, ranges, and ovens
  • Quartz countertops
  • Bold, oversized fixtures
  • Architecturally designed fixtures with clean lines and advanced features such as automation

Moving forward with kitchen and bathroom trends, we predict that things will only get more advanced and simpler. The future is coming to life with some of these beautiful and technologically advanced kitchens and bathrooms.

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