Gas Line Repair and Installation
A lot of homeowners don’t know that gas line repair and gas line installation are part of the plumber’s skill set. If you find yourself requiring the repair of gas lines in your home, if you find yourself requiring additional gas lines to accommodate new appliances, know that our residential service staff is certified for work on natural gas lines, including liquified propane lines.

Once you’ve shut off the gas, once you’ve called the gas company, they may determine you need repairs to the gas lines inside your home. If that’s the case, your next call may be to Ross Plumbing.

If you have had a gas leak from a section of gas line requiring replacement, you know a few things. You know you don’t want to deal with that again. You know you want it fixed correctly, skillfully and efficiently. You know it is not a DIY job. You know our staff is fully capable and fully qualified to repair and replace any section of gas line.
How to Tell If You Need Gas Line Repair
The first sign of a gas line leak, unlike other problems occurring in the home, leave no doubt what is happening. The natural gas or propane that helps to power your home is odorless, but suppliers add the unmistakable odor of rotten eggs as an easy way to alert homeowners to trouble. If you smell that dreadful sulfur smell, akin to rotten eggs but more pungent, inside your home, it’s time for everyone to leave and call in professionals for help. A broken line may also produce a hissing sound as the gas escapes through a small hole. That is also a sign to leave the house.
Never Attempt DIY Repair
In the world of DIY household repair, gas lines are at the top of the list for areas to avoid. No matter how skilled you are at home improvements, only professionals trained to prevent the risk of fire or explosion should handle gas lines. Along with making a swift exit, don’t flick on or off any light switches. Don’t use lighters or matches. Be careful walking on carpets and don’t use your mobile phone.
The Importance of Expert Gas Leak Detection
Having leaks in your gas line doesn’t automatically pinpoint the exact location the repairs need to be made. At this point, you require our efficient, professional gas leak detection to find the location of the leak quickly. Only then can we repair it safely, and your family can get back into their home.
New Gas Line Installation
There are all kinds of reasons why homeowners, especially those already served by natural gas, may want the installation of additional gas lines. Gas-fired hot water is less expensive than electric. Most who have it would also call it more luxurious. The best cooks tend to prefer gas stoves and ovens. Local weather doesn’t require the heat very often, but if you moved here from the Northeast, you may remember how quickly a gas furnace knocked off the chill. If you are upgrading your water heater, stove or heating system, you’ll want professionally installed gas lines to connect the gas to those improvements.

Even in those local communities not served by natural gas, many homeowners have been able to adopt it. You may have noticed large propane tanks, typically about 50 gallons, that heat the hot water and even power the stoves and ovens in a great many local homes otherwise unconnected to natural gas.

If you’re interested in installing new gas lines for any household upgrade, we have the experienced staff available to you.

If you notice signs of a gas leak in your home or business, don’t waste time. We are the leading company for leak detection and gas line repair in The Villages, Leesburg, and beyond. Pick up the phone and call 352-728-6053. We will send someone out right away. We serve Lake, Sumter and Southern Marion Counties including Belleview, Clermont, Eustis, Fruitland Park, Haines Creek, Lady Lake, Leesburg, Ocklawaha, Okahumpka, Summerfield, Tavares, The Villages, Wildwood, and Weirsdale.