Leesburg Emergency Plumber

Do you have a plumbing emergency in Leesburg, FL that needs immediate attention? Call Ross Plumbing at 352-728-6053 now for 24-hour emergency plumbing services. Check out our current online sales and coupons when you click here.

Plumbing emergencies take many different forms and can happen at any time of the day or night, and while you can never truly prepare, you can have a solid plan of action. Quite often, time is wasted scrambling around looking to find a suitable plumber to come in and take control of the situation for you. If you adopt a proactive approach and find your emergency plumber ahead of time, you can save time and get on the phone as soon as possible. Take a look at our reviews page and find out what others in your area have to say about our range of plumbing services.

How to Tell If It’s Really an Emergency

Many homeowners end up sitting on the fence a little too long when it comes time to take action with a plumbing emergency. If water isn’t gushing into your living space, you may not be sure if it’s an emergency at all. One way to gauge if it’s an emergency or not is to ask yourself if this is an issue that has the potential to cause serious property damage or injury if it isn’t addressed today. Problems like a leaking water heater, broken sump pump during a storm, or wet carpets and drywall are all issues that need immediate attention to limit or prevent damage.

Serious Plumbing Emergency Risks

The longer you wait to call for help during a plumbing emergency, the greater the likelihood of water damage and possible health risks. A saturated carpet in your basement might not seem like an emergency, but it could signify a slab leak that has been causing damage for days or weeks. Excess moisture creates the potential for mold growth and respiratory problems for anyone living in your home. If you aren’t sure when it happened or how it happened, then you should consider it an emergency and take the appropriate action.

Important Steps to Take

For plumbing emergencies in the Leesburg, FL area, one quick call to Ross Plumbing will set the wheels in motion. If water is leaking into your home or business, you should also shut off the main water valve to stop the amount of water coming in. With severe flooding, take your family members out of the house to a safe location, and follow any instructions we provide when you make your call.

If you have a burst pipe, gas line or sewer line leak, broken water heater or another plumbing emergency, call 352-728-6053 any time of day, for a solution.