Whether to DIY or Get Emergency Plumbing Services

Whether to DIY or Get Emergency Plumbing Services

Whether you own a home or commercial building, you are likely to need emergency plumbing services. Implementing a few DIY tips fixes several problems, but you’ll want a solid, professional Leesburg, FL plumber ready to tackle all the rest. Here are a few plumbing tips to help you decide whether you want to go DIY or call your plumber to fix everything instead.

Shut Off the Water

The first, most obvious thing is to shut off the water. This will reduce water damage to your home or commercial property. Reducing damage first always saves money, effort and energy. After you have shut off the water, assess the damage and the problem. With little or no damage from a minor problem, you may prefer to DIY. Severe problems require an experienced plumber offering emergency service. There are several kinds of problems where your plumber of choice will be most helpful. Here are a few.

Malfunctioning Sink Pipes

Fixing faulty pipes may seem simple but is the job of a professional. A plumber with experience taking pipes apart and reassembling them, diagnosing and fixing every problem along the way, is just what you want for this job. Often, pipes are closely placed to other plumbing components. Your chosen plumber will have experience working in those conditions and knows how not to cause further damage doing it.

Clogged Drains

Even though it is possible to unclog drains by using readily available chemicals, it is not a good idea. Many chemicals make situations worse causing more problems and making for more costly repairs. Plumbers’ drain cleaners have caustic, toxic chemicals. These chemicals are a danger to children and pets.

Lack of Hot Water

Make sure your water heater’s thermostat is set right (about 110-115 F). If your thermostat is set right, the problem could be any number of things. These include worn-out elements, faulty thermostats, bad gas valves, bad burner assemblies or any of several other faults.

Always contact a plumber for help with your hot water problems. The job can be risky and replacing your water heater can be very expensive.

Low Water Pressure

A buildup of gunk in a faucet’s aerator often causes low water pressure. You can easily fix that by unscrewing the aerator and cleaning out that gunk.

However, the cause of the problem may be a lot more complex than that. It is often impossible to fix the problem of low water pressure by simply cleaning the aerator. Other causes of the problem include an eroded water line or a fractured pipe. These are issues that have to be addressed by a Leesburg, FL plumber.

Broken Toilets

Plumber-Working-200x300 Whether to DIY or Get Emergency Plumbing ServicesFixing a broken toilet comes with plenty of risks. Clogged or ruptured pipes are just two common toilet problems, and they are best solved by someone with training and wide experience. Your plumber understands the nature of the work, the causes, the solutions and the tools used to fix it all. Even something that looks simple, a clogged toilet or toilet seal replacement, for instance, sometimes requires the skills and understanding of a professional plumber.

Leaky Taps

If your taps run after you shut off your water, the culprit is usually a bad washer. Even that is not as simple as it sounds. Most modern faucets are designed in a way that obscures both the washer and access to it. Fixing that without just the right technique may damage even high-end fixtures.

Gas Line Plumbing

This is the most dangerous plumbing job. It demands the services of a professional plumber who will fit lines with accuracy and who understands all the pressure calculations and necessary precautions.

Do It Yourself Plumbing

There are still several instances where DIY is entirely appropriate.

  • No electrical risks are involved
  • The problem is simple, and the solution is obvious
  • You have enough time to research plumbing issues and solutions
  • You have knowledge and experience in emergency plumbing services
  • You understand the safety concerns involved in your plumbing project

Even though DIY projects can help you save money and time, they are best when you know your own capabilities. Most emergency plumbing services and problems should be addressed by a plumber. Professionals have the right tools and techniques for the job. If you don’t know what you are doing, you may make the problem worse and spend more money than necessary in fixing it.

Common Plumbing Problems That You Can Fix at Home

Running Toilet

The most common cause of this common problem is a faulty flapper and chain. That’s easily fixed with a new one, and they have instructions on the back. There are various other reasons your toilet may be running. If you can’t identify the problem after that, it may best be left to a professional.

Faucets-225x300 Whether to DIY or Get Emergency Plumbing ServicesSlow Draining Sinks

If your sink is draining slower than it should, it may be due to a buildup of debris. The pop-up that stops up your sink can collect dust and debris. If you remove it and clean it, you may fix the problem. Unscrew the pop-up from the sink, clean it and reinstall it.

Slow Draining Tub

You can fix a slow draining tub without the help of a plumber. Your tub may drain slowly if there is a buildup of hair or debris. Remove your tub stopper, clean up and take the debris out. To avoid the problem, clear out debris from your tub regularly and clean it. Do not wait until there is a problem.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

Small items may get jammed in your garbage disposal. Fortunately, it is a problem that you can fix without the help of a plumber. Turn off the power and use an Allen wrench to turn the disposal blades. Insert your Allen wrench to the bottom of your unit and the items will be freed. Remove them and your problem will be solved.

Even though DIY plumbing solutions are great, implementing them is not always possible. Contact Ross Plumbing plumbing questions and answers. We are the best plumber in The Villages, the best plumber in Mt. Dora, and everywhere in between. We can help you take care of all your plumbing issues. We are happy to take on special projects that other companies turn down. Ross Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business offering customized service for all customers. We understand every project is unique and requires unique attention. Our pricing is competitive. All our technicians are fully trained and have vast. We are available 24 hours so you can contact us for live help whenever you need it.


How Important is a Progressive Plumbing Service?

How Important is a Progressive Plumbing Service?

Progressive-Plumbing-200x300 How Important is a Progressive Plumbing Service?A progressive plumbing service is innovative and prevents you from undergoing expensive repairs. Most old homes still have the original water lines, drainage systems and gas lines. Systems deteriorate over time, causing leaks and burst pipes. Even some modern homes utilize old plumbing technology. For example, water heating systems are evolving, faster than even some professionals are able to keep up. The lower energy consumption of a modern water heating system can save you money.

Ross Plumbing promotes progressive plumbing services. Our team keeps up with the latest technology and plumbing techniques. We offer our clients the best service in the shortest time at an affordable price. It is our duty to advise you on improvements you can make now and prevent many future repairs.

What Is a Progressive Plumbing Service?

A progressive plumbing service seeks to improve your plumbing systems for the better — continually. A progressive plumbing service advocates for modernizing old piping, gas lines and heating systems to maximize efficiency and minimize repairs. Progressive plumbing services are critical in reducing emergency plumbing issues like burst pipes or blocked drains.

What Are Some Progressive Plumbing Services?

1.    Replacement piping services

At some point, a building’s plumbing system becomes old and starts to fall apart. The damage arising from multiple leaking locations can be costly to repair. Being vigilant, replacing piping, whether residential or commercial, just as soon as you notice problems, saves money long-term. If you are not sure whether to repair or replace, call Ross Plumbing for assistance. Our plumbers perform thorough assessments to determine the strength of a plumbing system. The kind of pipes used in the replacement will depend on the existing pipes. If you are replacing a whole piping system, you have a choice of copper, CPVC or PEX pipes. Your plumber can help decide which will best suit your system.

A thorough assessment of piping systems reveals the root of problems like low water pressure, leaking and increasing water bills. Professional plumbers advise you whether to replace a portion of the piping or the whole system. Just keep in mind that doing a replacement now will save you a lot of repairs in the future. Modern technology makes piping replacement more cost-effective and more comfortable process for you.

2.    Gas line replacement services

Gas-Line-300x200 How Important is a Progressive Plumbing Service?Gas line repairs and replacement should never be a DIY project. Gas lines require the kind of delicate work that makes it best to hire a pro. The condition of your gas line, especially in a commercial building is important. Commercial and industrial plants use a large amount of gas, and leaks can cause an explosion or a fire. You should have an assessment regularly to ensure the gas line in commercial or residential buildings is in working condition.

Many households enjoy the convenience of gas. Naturally, it should be safe to use. A professional plumber, using the latest technology, can pinpoint leaks and other gas line problems. Homeowners and commercial property owners should replace old gas lines just as soon as their lifespan nears the end.

Call Ross Plumbing at the first sign of a gas leak and vacate the house. We will determine what repairs your lines require and make them while you stay safe. Acting immediately keeps your home and family safe from gas-related accidents.

3.    Water heater system upgrade

Most households need hot water and lots of it for a variety of purposes, including that all-important shower. The hot water system has to function at an optimum to supply the needs of homeowners. When the water heater is faulty, the volume of hot water decreases below what you need and want. There are two ways to upgrade a water heating system. You can buy a new water heater, or you can replace the tank style water heater with an efficient and space saving tankless model.

During construction, contractors typically install the smallest appropriate water tank. As a family expands, the hot water tank becomes too small for the family’s needs. You can replace that tank with a bigger one. A larger tank will meet your family’s hot water needs. Additionally, it reduces the time wasted as you wait for the tank to refill with warm water.

You may want to replace an old water heater with a newer, more efficient one. Manufacturers are always improving water heaters to heat more water with less energy. A new and improved water heater can reduce your energy bill while meeting your family’s hot water needs. You’ll want to replace your water heater if you’ve already had multiple repairs, have a leaking tank or if you have bursts of cold water when it should be hot.

Is Progressive Plumbing Expensive?

It’s easy to think that replacing something that still works is a waste of time. However, waiting for a pipe, gas line or water heater to break down before replacement can be costly. Water, gas and drainage are basic amenities a home or business needs to function correctly. A broken gas line or water pipe in an industrial plant can translate to profits lost as production comes to a halt. Homeowners will be uncomfortable if they can’t access these comforts. On top of it all, the cost of regular repairs may surpass the cost of replacement. It is better to be safe. Replace old plumbing systems in advance.

Ross Plumbing has been offering plumbing services in central Florida for four decades. We have a team that handles challenging projects calmly and professionally. We serve Leesburg, Fruitland Park, Eustis, Wildwood, Oxford, Clermont, Tavares, Lady Lake and Mt. Dora neighborhoods and The Villages. You can rest assured your project is in good hands. Ross Plumbing offers progressive plumbing services for all our clients. Our plumbing services meet all the industrial standards and local authority requirements. We ensure that your home or commercial building has the appropriate plumbing to function effectively. You can get an estimate for your plumbing project from our team of professionals. You can call us today for more information and innovative plumbing services.

Info About National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

Info About National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

In 1982, the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association declared that October would be National Kitchen and Bathroom Month. It’s an entire month dedicated to education and promotions designed to help homeowners renovate and upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms.

Renovating these important rooms in your home is an excellent way to improve efficiency and add value to your house. This particular month takes place in October because it’s the best time of the year to start a renovation: the kids are back to school and the holiday hustle and bustle haven’t started yet.

National-1 Info About National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

Read ahead to find out some more info about National Kitchen and Bathroom Month:

Best Bathroom Trends for 2016

Trends come and go, but it’s safe to say that the current trends for bathrooms are some of the most technologically advanced and beautiful designs we’ve seen yet. Bathrooms in 2016 are all about simplicity and functionality. Beautiful, architectural lines are combined with state-of-the-art technology that will take your bathroom experience to the next level. Some popular trends include:

  • Trough sinks
  • Heated floors
  • Shower seats
  • Anti-fog mirrors
  • Square or rectangular faucets
  • Open concept shelving and vanities
  • Stand-alone tubs
  • High-efficiency dual-flush toilets

A Shower or Tub, Which to Choose?

Do you prefer showers or baths? That’s the first question you should ask yourself while planning a bathroom renovation. Current trends are separating the tub from the shower into two unique areas. Gone are the combined built-in tub/shower combos. If your bathroom only has space to accommodate one or the other, you must consider which will get more use, a shower or a tub. Ways around this decision include splitting your tub and shower between multiple bathrooms in your home to get the best of both worlds.

How to Avoid Trends that Won’t Last

If you lived through shag carpeting in the bathroom or avocado-colored kitchen appliances, you’d know that many trends were not designed to last. In fact, looking back through kitchens and bathrooms, it’s clear that most trends were not made to last. The best way to avoid making a mistake and investing in a trend with a short expiry date is to consider your personal needs before jumping on board with a popular item. If something is trendy but doesn’t work with your particular needs, don’t invest in it. That way, your kitchen or bathroom renovation will remain functional while still looking beautiful.

Top Kitchen Trends of 2016

Much like the bathrooms, kitchen trends are moving towards more technologically advanced items as well. Other trends include incorporating traditional aspects of design with a new twist. For example, cast iron apron sinks are making a comeback, but in 2016, why not try one in a bold color? Other trends include:

  • Commercial appliances such as fridges, ranges, and ovens
  • Quartz countertops
  • Bold, oversized fixtures
  • Architecturally designed fixtures with clean lines and advanced features such as automation

Moving forward with kitchen and bathroom trends, we predict that things will only get more advanced and simpler. The future is coming to life with some of these beautiful and technologically advanced kitchens and bathrooms.

For more information on National Kitchen and Bathroom Month, call Terry Ross Plumbing in Leesburg, FL at (352) 728-6053 today.


Tips for Saving on Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

Tips for Saving on Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

dreamstime_m_472692-300x200 Tips for Saving on Bathroom & Kitchen RemodelingRemodeling a bathroom or kitchen isn’t just a simple way to increase your home’s resale value for future buyers; it’s also an excellent way to refresh the look and feel of your home for years to come. However, the scope and intensity of these sorts of projects can often feel overwhelming for many homeowners, largely because of the costs associated with remodeling projects.

Whether you’re planning to bring in a professional crew or hoping to DIY a few small changes, we’ve put together a few things to keep in mind when it comes to planning your perfect kitchen or bathroom remodeling project:

Start With a Plan

Before you break open any drywall or drill any holes, it’s important to plan out what you want to do. Neglecting to plan a remodeling project in advance is how many homeowners wind up paying extra to complete their project, so take the time to consider the following areas before you start and think things like:

  •     The layout of the room. Can you keep the existing layout to fit with your idea?
  •     Replacing old or dated items. If you’re planning to buy new appliances or fixtures, make sure to factor these costs while planning.
  •     Ask yourself what you can live without. Are there things you can replace later, or areas that don’t necessarily need to be altered?

Upgrade Items Instead of Whole Roomsdreamstime_s_57258521-300x119 Tips for Saving on Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re looking to spruce up a kitchen or bathroom without blowing the bank, then consider upgrading a few key items instead of overhauling the whole room. This trick is an easy and cost-effective way to liven up any old and dated room while staying budget-friendly.

Some ways you can brighten up an old kitchen or bathroom are:

  •     Update your cabinets. Many remodeling projects include pulling out old cabinets, but if you can spruce them up with a new coat of paint or some fancy handles instead, you can save thousands of dollars.
  •     Paint a feature wall. Adding an eye-catching feature wall in an unusual color or with a fun pattern will instantly add new life to a room.
  •     Update your light fixtures. You’d be surprised at how different a room can look with a new light, or series of lights installed. Go for something unique to add an exotic flair without blowing through your budget.
  • Other Ways to Keep Costs Down

So much of a successful remodeling project comes down to planning and asking yourself hard questions to determine what your costs will be. That way you can be prepared when fees and new purchases come up, and you can decide ahead of time what to spend money on and where to save.

Some areas to consider when it comes to cutting costs are:

  •     DIY… a little. Some things can be done by an untrained professional, and the more you can do yourself the better. However, when it comes to electrical and plumbing it’s important to pay for a professional inspection.
  •     Consider scaling back. Larger projects naturally come with heftier price tags, so if you can minimize the work that needs to be done you can keep prices much lower.
  •     Decide what to replace and what to keep. If your old tub still works correctly, they why tear it out? Do you need a new stove? Ask yourself hard questions and you’ll find lots of opportunities to save.

The experts at Terry Ross Plumbing in Leesburg, FL have years of experience helping homeowners just like you keep costs down while updating their kitchens and bathrooms. Give us a call at (352) 728-­6053 for a professional inspection and find out how we can help.

Don’t Let Garbage Disposal Odors Get the Best of You!

Don’t Let Garbage Disposal Odors Get the Best of You!

The Truth Behind Your Garbage Disposal

pouring-baking-soda-down-the-garbage-disposal_360-300x200 Don't Let Garbage Disposal Odors Get the Best of You!Garbage disposals aren’t exactly everyone’s favorite thing to clean and deodorize, but most homemakers rely on this under the sink appliance to get rid of leftover food scraps that can cause food deterioration and odor problems. There are ways to avoid the smells that accumulate in garbage disposals and they can be remedied.

Natural and chemically-based alternatives for deodorizing your garbage disposal are effective at alleviating odors. Natural and chemically-based alternatives are preventative measures that stop garbage disposal malfunctions, along with some precautionary measures that help to avoid food disasters and other mishaps.

Personal experience tells the average person to avoid putting certain foods and other objects in their disposal. Many homeowners have unknowingly put “everything but the kitchen sink” in their disposal and have met the fate of a nasty sink backup that has to be plunged. Sometimes the disposal has to be disconnected from under the sink, dismantled and an expert called in to alleviate the problem.

As far as deodorizing your disposal for cleanliness and sanitation, there are ways to keep your garbage disposal clean, safe and functioning properly. These processes are easy when you use the following advice:

1) Use Natural Remedies

There are at least five ways for deodorizing your garbage disposal naturally. The easiest way out is simply using dish soap and running hot water through the disposal, but sometimes more intense measures are needed through the natural realm of efficient deodorizers.

Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) – eliminates and neutralizes odors on contact.
White vinegar – acid in the vinegar kills mold, bacteria and germs found in your disposal.
Baking soda followed by white vinegar – causes a chemical reaction that helps dissolve food buildup and odors.
Ice and rock salt – rock salt rids smells and disinfects while the ice will sharpen the disposal blades and help the salt to be distributed properly (regular salt or sea salt will work, too)
Borax – natural for sink and disposal deodorizing – works on mildew and other odors as well.

cut_up_some_citrus_480-300x240 Don't Let Garbage Disposal Odors Get the Best of You!2) The Power of Citrus

Citrus not only sharpens and cleans the blades of a disposal but it dispels odors as well. Whether using lemons, limes, or oranges, in peeling form or the entire fruit, they usually better serve their purpose by being cut into smaller chunks, so the blades can deal with the peelings efficiently.

In fact, the peelings can be put in ice cubes and tossed in the disposal for sharpening, as well as deodorizing. Citrus power can also be released in essential oils that have citrus oil bases. They can help to clean and deodorize a garbage disposal and you don’t have to worry about the fruit clogging the disposal if that is a concern.

3) Chemically based products

There are chemically based products that can be used to deodorize and clear clogs in your disposal, and they usually contain some type of corrosive. With that being said, it is usually best to use a biodegradable product that may prove stronger than more natural deodorizers yet are effective and safe.

Commercially made pine cleaners and plink type compact balls can be used too. Mouthwash also can be used as a good disposal deodorizer. Yes, it not only works for your mouth but your dishwasher as well, to kill germs, bacteria and “disposal bad breath.”

4) Avoidable Foods

All it takes is a little bit of common sense to know that there are certain foods that aren’t good for your garbage disposals. Some foods are just better off put in a plastic bag for the weekly garbage run, or used in a compost pile in the backyard garden area.

Certain foods should not be put in a garbage disposal as they cause clumping, tangling and simply will not disintegrate enough to pass through the system. If food items will not break up into smaller pieces or completely dissolve, avoid putting them in the disposal as trouble will most likely follow.

Fibrous and thick type foods like banana peelings, potato peelings, celery stalks, corn husks, outer onion skins, artichokes and other thick-skinned vegetables and fruits should be disposed of in another way. Large, hard kernel and seed type items from the inside of fruits should be avoided as they can get stuck in the blade area of the disposal and cause stoppage and other problems. Cooked rice and pasta should be avoided as well because their expandable nature will cause them to do the same thing in the disposal and pipes.

Any kind of heavy cooking oils, lard, and other greasy food items should be avoided and if they are put into the disposal they should be cleared out with cold water along with other scraps, as cold water will cause solidification of the grease and it will more easily pass through the system. Though coffee grounds do help with blades and a cleaner smelling disposal, they should be avoided because they can lodge against pipes and other plumbing fixtures and cause clogging.

garbage-disposal_360-300x225 Don't Let Garbage Disposal Odors Get the Best of You!5) Avoidable Objects

Objects can easily fall into a garbage disposal and play havoc with its operation. Knives, forks, spoons and other cooking utensils, along with small, soft plastic or metal toys can bring on problems with a disposal. These items can become flying objects as they spin around in the grinding area or get caught and cause internal disposal damage.

Though some small bones within poultry or fish can be ground up, it is best to avoid larger pork and meat bones as well as more obvious items such as whole nuts, rocks, bolts, thumb tacks, nails, safety pins, plastic bread ties, cigarette butts and anything at all combustible. These items are definitely a no-no for garbage disposals. Keep the disposal’s cover/stopper over its opening, or a strainer cover that will help avoid breakage of internal disposal parts.

If persistent smells or malfunctioning occur with your disposal on an ongoing basis, think about what may be causing the problem or problems and get in touch with you nearest plumbing expert. Rather than trying to tackle extensive garbage disposal problems on your own, speak with an expert that can thoroughly diagnose your problem and present a solid solution.

If your are having garbage disposal issues and are in need of assistance the professionals at Ross Plumbing, are here to help all residents of the Leesburg, FL, area. Give us a call today at (352) 728-6053.

Why Saving Water For Summer Is Key

Why Saving Water For Summer Is Key

Have you opened your water bill and it was so high that you started asking everyone in the home how they were using water? This isn’t unusual and is something that many people suffer through, but unfortunately, some don’t realize that they are wasting water until they get the high water bill, and then they get into conservation mode and want to assess their use of water and how to keep from wasting water.

conserve-water Why Saving Water For Summer Is KeyEveryone should be concerned about the water they use because water is for everyone, not just one home, so if one home wastes water, then it’s possible that other homes will suffer as well, especially when there is a lack of water and everyone has to conserve their water usage.

Why Your Water Bill May Be Higher In The Summer

Summer is a time of year when water tends to be used more, especially since swimming pools get filled in the summer, many will water their lawns more in the summer, some take more showers in the summer and more. There are a lot of ways that the summertime will bring about more usage of water, and it means that you have to conserve water throughout the year, especially if you know you’ll use it more in the summer.

It’s even possible to conserve water in the summertime, even though it may seem more difficult than any other time of the year. It’s likely you’ll drink a lot more water because it’s hot outside. You may take several small showers throughout the day if you find yourself sweating a lot.

world-water-conservation Why Saving Water For Summer Is KeyYou might even feel compelled to jump in the pool, and too many people in the pool can end up splashing a lot of water, which means the water will need to be refilled regularly. Since summertime may bring about more need for water usage, conservation is the best way to avoid water waste, but you can do this throughout the year as opposed to simply in the summertime.

How You Can Save Water All Year Long

  • Get a cascading or trickling water fountain as opposed to other fountains
  • Create a water usage budget
  • Don’t water plants and the lawn in hot weather
  • Get water conserving shower heads
  • Buy water saving appliances
  • Check for leaks all around the home
  • Time your showers
  • Take showers instead of baths
  • Buy a dual flush toilet for water conservation
  • Collect all running water while waiting for hot water

If you haven’t identified ways to conserve water in your home, then take a look at the list above to determine if any of these things can apply to your home or property. One of the best ideas is to create a budget for your water usage, which may be hard to do, but if you cut back on water usage, then you can hit that budget each month. There are some simple things you can do to conserve water to save your household money as well as water usage.

Water Fountain- Many homes have water fountains, and they may have heavy water flow that ends up wasting the water, so getting a cascading or trickling fountain can help to conserve the water, which means you won’t need to refill it so often.

Watering Plants- If you have to water the lawn, then you should know that especially in the summertime, it’s best to wait until the sun goes down before you do any watering. Choosing to water the plants and lawn at night is best because the summer sun won’t soak up and evaporate the water, which means you won’t be wasting water.

rain-barrel-collection-system Why Saving Water For Summer Is KeyShower Heads- Those who take a shower, whether they are long or short could use a water conservation shower head, which can easily help you to save a lot of water when you’re taking regular showers throughout the day.

Appliances- If you have a dishwasher, then make sure it’s one that doesn’t use too much water when washing the dishes. You can also get a washer that conserves water as well when it’s washing clothes, even if it means you have to buy new appliances to help conserve water.

Leaks- It’s possible for leaks to occur at any time in the home, especially if the plumbing is old, so always get leaks checked because this is the easiest way to have water waste in the home.

Showers And Baths- It’s always best to take showers, but if you take baths, share the water with others in the home. Spouses can share bathing water, and it’s possible for children to share bathing water as well, which is an excellent way to conserve the water you use when cleaning yourself.

Dual Flush Toilet- A dual flush toilet may be perfect for your home because it has a way to clean with less water, especially if there isn’t solid waste in the toilet, which is a great water saving method, so consider adding dual flush toilets to your home.

Running Hot Water- Everyone knows that you have to wait for hot water to come out of the faucet, so don’t waste the water that comes out before the water turns hot. Take the excess water to use for water plants, cleaning, drinking, or for other purposes around the home.

Let Your Plumber Know If You Have Leaks Or Plumbing Problems

Having leaks in the home can be a big problem, and if you need plumbing fixes, that it’s best to get your plumber. Don’t waste water around the home by simply allowing leaks not to be fixed, especially since they can become significant after a while. Buy new fixtures if it’s necessary, and get new pipes in your home if you see leaks that are significant enough to warrant new parts.

Your plumber at Ross Plumbing in Leesburg, FL at (352) 728-6053 is available for plumbing repairs and more.

How Flushing Wipes Will Clog Your Toilet

How Flushing Wipes Will Clog Your Toilet

An excellent way to avoid dealing with a sewer system horror story in your home is to stop flushing personal wipes down the toilet. If you’ve recently noticed advertisements on television for flushable wipes, you’re not alone. In fact, many consumers have watched these commercials and decided to purchase and use personal wipes.

For many companies, the primary selling point is the fact that the wipes can be flushed down the toilet. Despite what manufacturers have said, these wipes aren’t flushable, and they’re creating many problems for municipal waste managers.

water-filter-installation-2-1-300x200 How Flushing Wipes Will Clog Your ToiletHowever, it isn’t just the public sewer systems that are having trouble with wipes. After flushing regular wipes down the toilet for an extended period, many homeowners are beginning to feel the pain in the form of costly plumbing repairs.

We try to help customers understand that toilet paper and human waste are the only things that should be flushed down the toilet. If you find yourself dealing with any plumbing problem, we offer services for toilet repair and drain cleaning.

A Deeper Look into DIY Wipes and Clogged Drains

Many consumers are flushing pre-moistened wipes down the toilet. These products have become so popular that they can be observed in almost every bathroom in America. Customers choose to use wipes because they offer unbeatable convenience. Whether it’s cleaning the baby’s bottom or removing makeup, wipes are commonly the preferred tool of choice.

Big brands are marketing their wipes as being flushable because it helps them to gain an edge over the competition. Many consumers have bought into the myth that flushing wipes down the toilet are completely safe. The truth is that most personal wipes have no issues making it down the toilet, but once they pass through the toilet, they’re introduced into the deeper components of your plumbing system.

What people don’t realize is that the problems start deeper inside the plumbing system. Some home sewer systems have tree roots growing throughout the system. When the flushed wipes get caught on tree roots, significant problems can arise.

This is an especially common problem with older plumbing systems. A standard strip of toilet paper should dissolve entirely within 24 hours. Unfortunately, wipes can take weeks to disintegrate completely. If enough wipes can cling together inside of your sewer system, they can create a massive blockage, which could leave you paying thousands of dollars for plumbing repairs.

Problems for America’s Sewer Systems

If you frequently flush wipes down your toilet, and they manage to pass through your entire plumbing system, there is a good chance that you’re still causing problems for other people. Some American sewer managers have declared a state of emergency because flushed wipes have been ruining public sewer systems.

Wipes that are flushed down the toilet must go somewhere, and eventually, they’ll end up inside the local sewer system. The sheer volume of DIY wipes entering public sewer systems is causing major problems for public sewer municipalities. Any wipes that you use should be discarded into a trash can.

If you choose to dispose of them using your toilet, it won’t take long before you’re forced to pay for costly plumbing repairs, and even if your plumbing system doesn’t get clogged, flushing wipes down the toilet cause major headaches for the people who operate the public sewer systems.

The Major Problems with Regular Wipes

In response to the controversy, many companies have created videos and tried to show consumers that it’s safe to flush wipes. The problem is that these laboratory tests don’t correctly simulate a typical sewer system. In London, a 15-ton ball of grease and wet wipes clogged the main sewer line. If you look on the Internet, there is no shortage of horror stories involving regular wipes.

A great example is a homeowner who flushed only three wipes down the toilet. Due to a lack of regular drain maintenance, the three wipes formed a major clog in the man’s home sewer system. As a result, he was forced to pay thousands of dollars to have the problem fixed.

Countless other horror stories are just like this one. Over time, many companies have entered the market for disposable wipes, so consumers are using wipes more than ever before. Some manufacturers advertise these products as flushable, but according to a variety of independent studies, these wipes are anything but flushable.

diy-wet-wipes-2-300x200 How Flushing Wipes Will Clog Your ToiletSeveral studies have revealed wipes to be the cause of clogs, sewer overflows, and system disruptions. There is no way around the fact that regular wipes are causing major problems when consumers decide to flush them down the toilet. Several brands of wipes have been tested, and according to the evidence, most of the wipes were intact and easily recognizable after 24 hours.

Another serious issue is that most flushable wipes look too similar to wipes that are made to be thrown in the trash. For example, the wipes used to remove makeup and clean babies aren’t marketed as being flushable, but since they look almost identical to flushable wipes, consumers are getting confused and tossing all of the wipes into the toilet.

It’s not uncommon for users to assume that all types of wipes can be flushed because they look almost the same. If you want to avoid altogether this problem, you should make sure to throw all wipes in the trash.

Preventing Plumbing Issues Caused By Wipes

A lack of proper drain cleaning is one of the main reasons why home plumbing systems get clogged by wipes. If your plumbing system hasn’t been cleaned in ages, it could be filled with obstructions, which give flushed wipes something to cling to. We offer services for drain cleaning and toilet repair, and we can come to your home and inspect your plumbing system.

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10 Benefits Of An Advanced Water Filtration System

The 10 Benefits Of An Advanced Water Filtration System

Clean Water Means Better Water

Why do people buy bottled water? It’s because they feel it’s the cleanest water they can get, and the clean water tastes better because it’s been filtered to remove any particles or chemicals that may be harmful to the person drinking it and to make it the best tasting water.

Many strive to get the cleanest water possible, so it makes all the sense in the world’s to have a filtration system for the home that will clean all the water going through the home. Those that don’t have a water filtration system in their home may want to know a bit more about the benefits they can get from getting water filter installation.

water-filter-installation-2 10 Benefits Of An Advanced Water Filtration SystemYou’ll Benefit From A Home Filtration System

If you’re someone who consistently buys bottled water or has a small filtration unit in their fridge or the form of a water bottle or plastic container, then you’ll know the benefits of having a home filtration system and what it can do for you. Here are ten great benefits to consider when getting water filter installation.

Have Clean Water for the Baby

#1- New mothers worry about everything that touches their baby, including what goes into their mouth. Most new parents will buy bottled water until they are weak on their knees, or if they can’t afford the bottled water, they’ll boil water all day.

It would be so much better to have a filtration system in the home that allows you to have water that’s bottled water quality but costs a lot less per gallon. The water can be used directly from the faucet to give to a child as opposed to having to boil the water, filter the water, or strain the water.

No More Buying Tons of Bottled Water

#2- Buying bottled water will no longer be necessary if you have a home filtration system because it’d be like throwing money away. Why pay $1-$2 for a gallon of bottled water when you can easily get it for just a few pennies by bottling it at home? Not only will you have water for drinking that’s purified, but you’ll also have water for everything else in the home, and the water will be just as pure as the water you drink because it’s all filter.

No More Water Delivery to the Home, Which Costs a lot of Money

#3- Many will have water delivered to their home, which easily adds up to cost, especially if everyone in the home drinks a lot of water. Having a water filtration system means that buying five gallons of water at a time is no longer necessary because it will be much cheaper to use the filtered water in the home as opposed to buying it anywhere else. It’s even possible that the water from the home will be more clean and tastier than any water that you can purchase elsewhere.

Pay Pennies Per Gallon for Clean Water

#4- If you add up what it would cost to buy bottles of water or even gallons of water, you’ll see that a filtration system can easily save you a lot of money. How about paying a few cents per gallon of water as opposed to paying up to two dollars for the same gallon of water? You can quickly add up how much money you’ll save over time if you get the filtration system, especially since you only have to change the filter ever so often, which is still a lot cheaper than constantly buying bottles or gallons of water.

No Chemical Filled Water to Bathe with Anymore

#5- Regular tap water has chemicals, and the water can be harmful to the skin of certain people. When you’re ready to take a shower or bath, you’ll never have to worry about how clean the water is when all the water in your home is filtered. It’s even okay for the baby to take a bath in the water because it’s as clean as it can be.

No Need to Boil Water for Cleanliness

#6- Many people only boil water if there is advisory to do so and if they have no chlorine or bleach to add to the water to keep it clean. Those that have an advanced water filtration system in their home will have no need to boil water anymore unless it’s to cook food.

Water Tastes Much Better

#7- Filtered water has a much better taste than any water that comes from the faucet when it’s not filtered. You’ll get much better tasting water from a filtration system, and this may encourage you to drink water a lot more to get your eight glasses per day.

Become an Avid Water Drinker for Better Health

water-filter-installation-200x300 10 Benefits Of An Advanced Water Filtration System#8- Some will cut back on how much water they drink because they were stuck buying bottled water. Having a home filtration system means you can drink as much water as you want as long as water is coming from the faucet because it’s all clean and tastes great.

Every Tap in the Home Will Has Clean Water

#9- With a water filtration system, every toilet you flush will have clean water, every sink will have drinking water, the water attached to the fridge will be clean, the water you bathe with will be fresh, and even the water that washes your clothes and dishes will be clean.

The Washer Gets Filtered Water to Wash Clothes

#10- Those who worry about the cleanliness of their clothes will be happy for filtered water that eliminates a lot of chemicals that lead to fading or quick deterioration of materials, so they can wash their clothes more often.

How To Get A Filtration System Installed

Your plumber can get your filtration system installed for you, and you’ll be glad you did it because the money you’ll save and the great water you’ll start drinking will be more than worth the cost.

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Get the Answers to Your Common Plumbing Questions

Top 10 Questions People Ask Their Plumber

Take The Time To Ask Questions

If you’ve ever run into plumbing problems before that have perplexed you to no end, then you can understand why everyone asks plumbers questions because they are anxious to get answers to avoid the same problems in the future.

Many who learn what not to do with their plumbing fixtures or appliances are more likely to keep them running longer and functioning properly, compared to those who are uninformed, so asking a plumber plumbing questions is an excellent idea.

Common-Plumbing-Questions Get the Answers to Your Common Plumbing QuestionsPlumbing Questions And Their Answers

Question 1- Why Is The Sink Clogged When Nothing Goes Down The Drain?

Answer- Even though you may not see things go down the drain, there is always something going down the sink, whether it’s hair, soaps scum, toothpaste and more. Even though many don’t think twice about letting toothpaste down the drain, it eventually can cling to other things that go down the drain, which can then cause a clog that causes the sink to drain slower or not at all. It’s always best to avoid allowing things to go down the drain, especially hair.

Question 2- What’s The Smell Coming From The Garbage Disposal?

Answer- If you have a foul smell coming from your garbage disposal unit, then you most likely have food stuck in there. The food can be in the garbage disposal, in the drain, or deep down in the pipes. If there is no food detected anywhere but the smell still lingers, then it’s possible that it’s sewage in the pipes that is causing the smell. The first thing to do is have the garbage disposal checked for food, and if necessary, have the disposal unit dismantled.

Checking the drains should be the next step, and it may be necessary to get the drains cleaned to completely get rid of the smell. Garbage disposal units that have slight smells even when there is no clog or food present can receive lime and vinegar to make it smell better as well as approved chemicals that can be put into the unit for a fresher smell.

Question 3- Is It Wise To Allow A Person In The Home To Install New Plumbing?

Answer- Many people try to cut out the plumber and do plumbing jobs themselves, but in some cases, this just cannot work. You wouldn’t want a lawyer installing plumbing in your Leesburg home, and you wouldn’t want a plumber representing you in court, so it’s always best to let the professionals handle their profession as opposed to trying to allow someone else to do it or doing it on your own.

In some instances, a licensed plumber must be the person to install plumbing in a home, especially water heaters, so installing certain plumbing on your own may not only be dangerous but against regulations.

Question 4- How Do You Care For The Finish On A Faucet?

Answer- Many don’t realize that they should never wash or clean their faucets with soap because it can damage the finish. It’s best to use a wet rag to wipe down the faucet, and this will keep the finish shining and looking beautiful. Make sure it’s not a scouring pad being used but a soft cloth that won’t damage the finish.

Question 5- Can A Two Handle Faucet Be Replaced With Single Handle Faucet?

Answer- It is possible to replace a two handle faucet with a single handle faucet, but it depends on where it is. If it’s a typical faucet that goes over a sink, then this is easier than installing one for a tub or shower. Extra work is required for installation of a single handle faucet for a tub or shower, whereas it’s much easier to replace the faucet for a bathroom or kitchen sink.

Question 6- Water Is Coming From The Pressure And Temperature Relief Valve, What Should Be Done?

Answer- In a case like this, shut off the electricity or gas to the water heater, and call a plumber right away. This may be a dangerous situation that needs the attention of a licensed number that can determine what caused the incident.

Question 7- What Should Be Done When A Water Heater Is Leaking?

Answer- A leaking water heater can have several causes, but a plumber should be called out to determine if the heater can be salvaged or if a new heater needs to be purchased. It’s a good idea to drain the heater completely if it’s leaking too much, especially if you want to avoid a flood in the Leesburg home. Also, don’t forget to cut the power or gas supply to the water heater.

Question 8- How Do You Extend The Life Of A Garbage Disposal Unit?

Common-Plumbing-Questions-by-Customer-300x200 Get the Answers to Your Common Plumbing QuestionsAnswer- Keep your garbage disposal running properly by not putting metal objects or unapproved foods in it. Avoid putting bones down the disposal unit as well, and never overfill it when getting rid of food. Also, avoid using caustic acid chemicals in the unit, and always run water when using the garbage disposal.

Question 9- What Needs To Be Done About A Shaky Toilet?

Answer- A shaky toilet could be caused by bolts that have worn out and need replacing or possibly the wax ring or both. Have a plumber come to check out the toilet, and replace the bolts or the wax ring if it’s necessary.

Question 10- What Remedies Are Recommended For Slow Running Drains?

Answer- Slow running drains can be remedied by using a snake to clear out the clog. Running hot water down the drain may also help, but ultimately, a clog is present, and a plumber may need to be called out to remove it.

There’s A Plumber Available For You

Never hesitate to get the services of a plumber when you’re facing a plumbing problem that you cannot fix. Also, plumber related installations around the Leesburg home should only be done by plumbers, not by anyone else.

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