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The most common reason for toilet leaking issues is that the wax lining at the base of the toilet has deteriorated or come loose. Another common reason is a broken tank-to-bowl kit. Give us a call and we can make sure of the exact problem and solution to the toilet leaking issue.

Category: Clogged Toilet

The interior toilet shut-off valve inside a water closet tank is called the ballcock assembly.

Category: Clogged Toilet

Get a closet auger and run it through the trap way to clear any partial blockage. This should help with the issue of your slow draining toilet. If it doesn’t, just give us a call.

Category: Clogged Toilet

Liquid Plumber and Drano are the most common household liquids used to try to unclog a toilet toilet. Always try a plunger first. If you do call a plumber, inform them for their safety before they start work that you have put chemicals down the drain to try to unclog the toilet beforehand..

Category: Clogged Toilet


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